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Science 376, 6595, 20 May 2022
The biodiversity and ecosystem service contributions and trade-offs of forest restoration approaches Critical ecosystem services and biodiversity are typically delivered more effectively by native forests than by plantations.

Multispecies forest plantations outyield monocultures across a broad range of conditions Mixtures of tree species tend to grow better timber than monocultures, especially when species have complementary traits.

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Dansk Ornitologisk Forenings Tidsskrift (DOFT), 116(2), 2022
The diet of insectivorous bird species differs when staging spring and autumn in the same habitat
Magnetic orientation in night migrating passerines

Greenland's high-arctic waders thrive, but increased frequency of bad breeding year await in the future
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African Bird Club, 9(1), 2022
An overlooked population of the Little Rush Warbler Bradypterus baboecala in The Gambia

Recent noteworthy bird records from Eritrea


The status of Sharpe’s Longclaw Macronyx sharpei and its grassland habitat in Kinangop, Kenya

Five additions to the avifauna of Niokolo-Koba National Park, Senegal, including the first documented record of Wahlberg’s Honeybird Prodotiscus regulus for the country

An observation of Shelley’s Eagle Owl Bubo shelleyi in Atewa Range Forest Reserve, Ghana

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Alauda, 90 (2), Juin 2022

Manipulation spécialisée d‘une espèce-proie par Ia Pie-griècheméridionale Lanius meridionnalis dans le Sud de la France

Le régime alimentaire de la Chouette hulotte Strix aluco dans quelques forets bourguignonnes (1980-2019).

Méthodes de hiérarchisation des espèces d’oiseaux d'eau pour améliorer la gestion d'une aire protégée

Quelques éléments sur la reproduction du Grand Cormoran Phalacrocorax carbo dans une colonie récente

Estimation des populations d’oiseaux nicheurs de France métropolitaine

Observation de la Marouette de Baillon Zapornia pusillla en Algérie

British Birds, June 2022

309 Movements of migratory passerines between Europe and Asia Vincent van der Spek

324 Ruby-crowned Kinglet in the Outer Hebrides: new to Britain

Bruce Taylor

330 Birds and birding on Heligoland Jochen Dierschke

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