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Science 375 ( 6582=, 18 February 2022
How does a lizard shed its tail? Hierarchical microstructures help a lizard self-amputate its tail when needed

A biomimetic fracture model of lizard tail autotomy reveals a sophisticated interfacial attachment strategy.

Optimizing Amazonian dams for nature Algorithms assess opportunities, forgone benefits, and environmental trade-offs

Computational advances reveal opportunities for more sustainable hydropower development in large transboundary river basins

Big-data approaches lead to an increased understanding of the ecology of animal movement A review suggests that modern “big-data” techniques are vastly increasing our understanding of animal movement and its ecology.

Demographic implications of lead poisoning for eagles across North America Lead poisoning is unexpectedly widespread, frequent, and demographically relevant to populations of both bald and golden eagles.
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Science 375,(6581), 11 February 2022
Early Homo sapiens in Europe
Mark Aldenderfer
Data from Mandrin Cave in southwestern France challenge our understanding of the entry of modern humans into Europe and their interactions with Neanderthals. Previous studies estimated the date of entry as being around 45,000 years ago, followed by the rapid disappearance of Neanderthals. Slimak et al. have now discovered alternating strata of Neanderthal and modern human stone tool assemblages. One of these strata, which was dated to 54,000 years ago and has an assemblage of tools resembling one found in the Mediterranean, also has dental remains similar to those of modern humans. These findings suggest that the replacement of Neanderthals in Europe may not have been a single event but one of greater complexity.
Sci. Adv. 10.1126/sciadv.abj9496 (2022).

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Aves y naturaleza Lanzamo, 36, 2022
Libro Rojo de las Aves de España,
Una nueva primavera silenciosa
Por qué se mueren las aves _
Futuro sombrío para las aves agroesteparias

Agroesteparias, las aves de los secarrales
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