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African Birdlife -9(6), September_October 2008

The enigma buzzard

Peter Steyn reflects on the increased number of sightings of European Honey Buzzards in the subregion and on the species’ diet.
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Ornithologischer Beobachter, 118(3), September 2021
The subspecies of the Western Yellow Wagtail Motacilla flava on spring and autumn migration in Switzerland.

Observations by nest camera at a brood of the Barn Owl Tyto alba in the canton of Aargau – II. Hatching of the nestlings.

Characterization of the mountainous habitat of the Garden Warbler Sylvia borin in the canton of Glarus.
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Are livestock bad for the planet?
This report warns that the dominant picture of livestock’s impacts on climate change has been distorted by faulty assumptions that focus on intensive, industrial farming in rich countries. Millions of people worldwide who depend on extensive livestock production, with relatively lower climate impacts, are being ignored by debates on the future of food.
The report identifies ten flaws in the way that livestock’s climate impacts have been assessed, and suggests how pastoralists could be better included in future debates about food and the climate.
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