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Science 374, 6563, 1 October 2021
The role of carriers in the persistence of foot-and-mouth disease in buffalo is quantified

Sporadic transmission from persistently infected African buffalo allows a highly contagious virus to persist in wild host populations.

Plant Science Nitrogen fixation in legume roots
Soybeans and other legumes form symbiotic relationships with nitrogen-fixing bacteria in root nodules, thus ensuring that the plant a ready supply of the necessary nutrient. Wang et al. worked out the signaling pathways that integrate above-ground light with below-ground root nodulation. Two mobile regulators move from shoot to root in response to light, and together they form a signaling module in the root that induces the expression of nodulation factors. Thus, when the shoot sees enough light to support photosynthetic productivity, the root gets the signal to ramp up nitrogen fixation.
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Malimbus, 43 (2), September 2021
Variation des effectifs de deux espèces d'oiseaux déprédateurs du riz, le Tisserin gendarme et le Travailleur à tête rouge dans la zone humide de Grand-Bassam, Côte d'ivoire

Common Rock Thrush in Burkina Faso
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